Friday, October 26, 2012

Pitbull Ban In Pasadena, Calif.? City Council To Consider The Issue (VIDEO)

I. Love English Bulldogs ! Bulldogs and Mastiffs can be bred to do everything from Hunt Boars to Rescue lost Hikers; But Pitting Bulldogs is wrong ! And of course, that is what a Pit Bull is. Nevertheless odder pets you will come across, in the course of their appreciation, and The Pitt Bull Dog is no different. Banning them is Un-American ! Stricter enforcement and insurance against abuse, is probably the way to go; though similar talk about Elderly and Drunk Driving concerns, have lounged for years without resolve.

Save the Pitt Bull Dog !

Don`t let the Government past your Mailbox !

Don`t Drink and Drive !
Be Good to your Grandparents !
See you at the Polls !

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